In England, Research England (RE) will expect all HEPs in receipt of HEIF to commit to the concordat. This is set out in the Spring 2020 HEIF guidance. RE will provide information on long-term institutional HEIF allocations, and to publish first-year results, prior to preparation and submission of action plans.

A competitive small grants scheme is being developed in relation to the concordat to reward HEPs for commitment to continuous improvement and to support HEPs in further developing and sharing good practice. The grants scheme will only be available in England. Details will be confirmed later in 2020. 

In Scotland, the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) expects to encourage universities to commit to the principles of the KE concordat. SFC will use the development year to decide what formal arrangements it may wish to put in place for subsequent years.

SFC is currently reviewing the University Innovation Fund (UIF). SFC expects to consult with the sector on proposed changes to UIF and make recommendations to its Board in due course. The potential relationship between UIF and the KE concordat will form part of this conversation. SFC will also need to consider, in due course, the relevance and appropriateness of linking the KE concordat with university outcome agreements. In both cases, SFC is unable to confirm timing as it has committed to not take forward any new consultations or significant changes at this time as part of its response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Institutions in Wales in receipt of Research Wales Innovation Funding are required to submit, and have approved, three-year strategies 2020/21 - 2022/23. HEFCW will require that RWIF strategies confirm commitment to the principles of the KE concordat, and outline processes for self-assessment and benchmarking.

In Northern Ireland, HEIs in receipt of NI HEIF allocations are currently required to submit, and have approved, KE strategies, which are usually of three years’ duration to coincide with the usual NI HEIF funding interval. In NI institutions will be asked to commit to the KE concordat through their future KE concordat strategies, the next of which is due for submission to the Department for the Economy in September 2020.